Compared to 10 years ago, buying in China has now become much easier than in the past.Wandering around the Web we can find many Asian sites that offer everyday products at really affordable prices and apparently of excellent quality.Attracted by the apparent simplicity of purchase and above all by the very low price, many Italian companies ventured into the first imports, unfortunately finding in most cases unpleasant surprises; defective goods, not compliant with EU regulations, customization errors, etc. etc.All of this happens due to the lack of close supplier control that an on-site presence can guarantee.Many companies for obvious economic and logistical reasons cannot support the presence of their own operator dedicated to imports … and here we come into play …Our staff will carry out all the necessary checks for you in order not to find any nasty surprises at the time of delivery of the products, will be present at the time of making samples, will check the production and promptly inform you of any problems.

Search Suppliers / Customers on the whole Chinese territory

Supplier / Customer Reliability Check

Product research and Quality / Price optimization

Control of the production process

Final inspection before departure

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